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Why Policing?

Law enforcement is a noble profession and a rewarding career choice for anyone looking to give back to his or her community. It is a job with serious responsibilities, but the reward is having a job that really counts. Discover why a career in policing might be a good match for your talents and interests.

Photo of Police Officer being sworn in.

A Call To Serve

Law enforcement is a service career at its core. If you are looking for more than “just a job” and want to make a real difference in your community everyday, consider law enforcement. Learn More »

Photo of male and female officers


Like the people they serve, law enforcement officers come from all walks of life. A diverse United States needs diversity in its law enforcement agencies. Learn More »

Photos of officers crossing wires

New Challenges And Opportunities

Law enforcement officers face new challenges and have a variety of opportunities throughout their careers. Explore the unique challenges and opportunities that a law enforcement career has to offer.Learn More »

Vintage Photo of Policeman from the Past

A Rich History And A Bright Future

With thousands of agencies actively recruiting, there is no shortage of demand for qualified officers. Join the ranks of a storied profession with a 21st century focus. Learn More »

Photo of Dollar Bill

Financial Stability

Bottom line: Law enforcement officers make good money. And their benefits are fantastic. Learn More »