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What Does It Take?

The road to becoming a law enforcement officer involves an extensive selection process. In addition to meeting basic requirements, agencies have a battery of tests each applicant must pass that are followed by a comprehensive training program. Discover what it takes to become a law enforcement officer.

Skills and Abilities

Photo of officers with a horseIt takes a certain type of person to be a law enforcement officer. Learn about the skills and abilities agencies are looking for to fill their ranks. Learn More »

Basic Requirements

Man sitting at desk looking at a computer monitorWhile agencies have different requirements, there are some commonalities. Take a look at the basic job requirements. Learn More »

The Hiring Process

Photo of officers with a horseFrom the initial application and testing, through to the medical exam, see what the typical hiring process involves. Learn More »

Training / Academy Life

Man sitting at desk looking at a computer monitorThis is the final hurdle before earning your badge. Gain some insight into what life in the academy is like and how you can prepare. Learn More »