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Success Stories

Lakewood, Ohio, Neighborhood Patrol Officer Program

The Neighborhood Patrol Officer (NPO) program is the Lakewood Police Department’s approach to community policing.  Officers assigned to each ward of the city interact daily with the residents and business owners in their assigned areas seeking to identify situations that impact the quality of life. Together with the people in the area they identify the resources available to maintain and improv... Read More

Racine, Wisconsin, Community Oriented Policing Houses

                              Nearly 20 years ago, the Racine Police Department embraced community policing and changed how their department delivered police services to the community they serve. One of the most effective programs the Racine invested in was the building of Community Oriented Policing Houses within troubled neighborhoods to build relationships, improve quality of live, reduce crime, and pr... Read More

Hawthorne, California, Coffee with a Cop

                              The Hawthorne Police Department wanted to figure out a better way of communicating with the people they serve, and what's better than enjoying a nice cup of coffee? That's why the Hawthorne Police Department launched the "Coffee with a Cop" program where officers would sit in a local McDonalds for a few hours and invite customers from surrounding neighborhoods to sit and talk... Read More

Miami, Florida, Do The Right Thing

The Miami Police Department’s “Do The Right Thing” (DTRT) program promotes a simple concept of rewarding children for “doing the right thing”, and has served as a major community policing initiative for more than 20 years. In order to address problem areas of crime, gangs, and drugs and their influences on Miami’s 400,000 plus students, the award-winning program helps reinforce posit... Read More

Evanston, Illinois, Safer Neighborhood Area Project

                              In 2010, the Evanston Police Department was awarded the IACP’s Community Policing award for agencies serving a population of 50,001-100,000. In Evanston, the 1900 block of Jackson was notoriously known for serious crime, and beginning in 2008 the Evanston Police Department developed the Safer Neighborhood Area Project (SNAP) to combat the several years of crime in the area. The SNAP philos... Read More

Macon, Georgia, Downtown Bike Patrol

The Macon Police Bike Patrol office decided to relocate their duties to the City’s downtown area which is a high-traffic and high-pedestrian area. They wanted to advance public safety in the downtown area with more police presence. The Bike Patrol office developed strong partnerships between other local organizations in order to relocate their office downtown. With kind contributions... Read More

Salem, Massachusetts, Community Policing During Special Events

                              Salem, Massachusetts is known as “Witch City,” and is inextricably linked to Halloween, which has become a month-long celebration in the town. The Operations Plan for Halloween reads, “The primary goal of all law enforcement personnel is to maintain and foster a family atmosphere throughout the evening…the very nature of Halloween in Salem poses unique challenges…that require... Read More

Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina, Volunteer Unit

                              Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina and the seat of Mecklenburg County. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) serves a population of 785,000 with a staff of 1,752 sworn and 464 non-sworn employees. CMPD is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). The department’s policing strategy places an emphasis on engaging citizens as... Read More

Delray Beach, Florida, Police Department

In the 1990s, Delray Beach, Florida experienced an influx in Haitian immigrants and with it a new subculture. Dominating this subculture were criminal elements feeding on the fears of the illegal immigrants. Extortion, robbery, and forced prostitution against fellow Haitians were commonplace. And fear of the police, instilled by a ruthless system of policing in their home country, ke... Read More

Washington, D.C., Community Policing Philosophy

The Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C. restructured their philosophy in order to increase their effectiveness. This included taking a look at what community policing meant, not just through its standard definition, but what it meant specifically for their community. Captured in just four basic principles, this D.C. policing philosophy has resulted in historic low leve... Read More

Chicago, Illinois, CeaseFire Program


CeaseFire Chicago recruits and trains a new cadre of workers called "violence interrupters." A former gang leader, now a supervisor for the program, decided to be "part of the solution and not the problem."