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Learning the Value of Caring and Friendship in Role of Police Officer

Officer Marcel Ngobeh, Community Resource Officer, Newport News Police Department, VA

I began my career with the Newport News Police Department on July 22, 2002. Prior to becoming a sworn officer, I proudly served my community for two years as an auxiliary police officer while also serving my country in the United States Army. I chose policing out of my love for... Read More

After High School and Army Service, Trooper Finds Broad Variety of Career Opportunities

Sergeant Johnny Alexander, Recruiting Unit, Washington State Patrol

After graduating high school and serving in the United States Army, I decided to pursue a career in law enforcement and accepted employment with the Washington State Patrol (WSP) as a trooper cadet in the Supply Section in 1991.  As a commissioned trooper, I have served in the following capaciti... Read More

From the Ground Up, Turning a Childhood Desire for a Law Enforcement Career into Reality

Chief Jim Smith, Cottonwood Police Department, AL

As a child, I had a desire to work in law enforcement although no family members were serving in the profession. I started as a reserve officer and even tried other, higher-paying professional positions after attending college.  Those jobs did not satisfy me, so I transitioned to a full-time law enforcement posit... Read More

Free Pair of Shoes Leads to a Career in Law Enforcement

Sergeant Juan Balderama, Oklahoma City Police Department, OK

My name is Juan Balderama. I’ve been a police officer for nine years, and I truly enjoy it. I grew up in a housing project in El Paso, Texas. We did not have much money growing up, and my mother signed me up for an assistance program through the El Paso Police Department. Through this program, police o... Read More

Work Wouldn’t be the Same Without Brilliant Four-Legged Partner Qai, German Shepherd Police Dog

Assistant Chief Gus Moulas, Elm Grove Police Department, WI

My interest in a law enforcement career began at the early age of 16, when I joined Law Enforcement Exploring. Through this program, I began to understand the role of a police officer and how significantly and positively an officer can impact a community.  Thanks to this exposure, I realized how much I ... Read More

Officer Discovers Love for Police Work Late in Life

Officer Tim Fujii, Troutdale Police Department, OR

My story and path to law enforcement is somewhat different from others. I am a 50-year-old Japanese American who was born in, grew up in, and now patrols the streets of Troutdale, Oregon. I am not like those who dreamed as a child of becoming a police officer.

I graduated from college with a degree in fina... Read More

Policing Takes Patience and Brains

Officer David Sessum, Traffic Division, Portland Police Bureau, OR

I had a whole different career path in mind after high school, but as I started to become more aware of law enforcement, it just grabbed me. That’s what I do today.

When I was finishing up my associate’s degree, I had to write a term paper, and I chose the topic of community policing. I le... Read More

Teaching and Policing, Dedicated to Making a Difference

Sergeant Dan Liu, Family Services Division, Portland Police Bureau, OR

I started on a different career path right after high school. Initially, I got into the teaching field and from there I became more aware of the police and law enforcement life. It just grabbed me, and that’s where I am today. What really attracted me to the job were the people who were workin... Read More

Learning Law Enforcement While Being a Service to Her Community

Detective Dana Lewis, Portland Police Bureau, OR

Initially I wanted to be a lawyer. I was an accounting major in college and wanted to go to law school, but when I sought employment a police officer’s position came open.  I took the test, got hired, and have loved it ever since.

What attracted me to being a lawyer in the first place were the laws. Right n... Read More

Wears Many Hats in Law Enforcement Career


Captain William Melton, Jr., Support Service Commander, Gaston County Police Department, NC

I chose a career in law enforcement straight out of college, although the path wasn’t always crystal clear. I knew I wanted a career in public safety, but I had several options. As a child, my appetite for law enforcement was whetted by the television show Adam... Read More

9/11 Fueled His Desire to Continue Protecting the Public

Detective Carlos Lopez, Criminal Investigation Division, Temple Terrace Police Department, FL

I started my career in law enforcement on July 25, 1983, with the New York City Police Department (NYPD). While I was with the NYPD, I had numerous job assignments and was finally promoted to detective 3rd grade. I investigated everything from homicides to property crimes... Read More

Iraq War Vet Improves Quality of Life in Her Home County

Officer Amber Hastings, Gaston County Police Department, NC

I was hired by the Gaston County Police Department in 2004. I had just finished basic law enforcement training when I received military deployment orders for Iraq.

In Iraq, I served as engineer platoon leader with the North Carolina 505th Engineering Battalion from 2005 to 2006. Upon returning hom... Read More

Former History Professor Finds Satisfaction Helping Others Through Police Work

Officer Bill Wolf, Patrol Officer, Prescott Police Department, AZ

Prior to becoming a police officer, I was a teacher. I have a Ph.D. in Russian history and taught college-level history. A few years ago, however, I moved from Ohio to Arizona to be with my future wife.  I married well, as the saying goes, but discovered that good jobs for history teachers in my sm... Read More

Realities of a Law Enforcement Career: Service With a Smile, Solid Income and Benefits a Plus

Corporal Bill Gooden, Community Liaison Officer, Shreveport Police Department, LA

My grandfather served with the Shreveport Police Department for 36 years. In 1993, I chose to continue that tradition and entered the Shreveport Regional Police Academy.  Looking back on a career that spans 15 years, I know I made the right choice.

What people see on televis... Read More

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