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Strong Family Values Gave Her Confidence to Pursue Policing

Sergeant Christie Rhoney, Supervisor, Criminal Investigations Section, Gaston County Police Department, NC

Growing up in rural Western North Carolina is not what most people think of as a brilliant opportunity. I guess that is why I have always felt that my opportunity was special. Being the first member of my large family to get a college education was just one ... Read More

A Chance Encounter with an Officer Leads This Lieutenant to the Police Profession

Lieutenant Morgen Tietjens, Commander, Communications Division, Newport News Police Department, VA

At the age of 24, I was returning home from work and was stopped by Newport News Police Officer Jeter for a minor traffic violation. I distinctly remember the officer being professional in appearance and demeanor, as well as gentlemanly and kind. His uniform was sh... Read More

IACP Police Officer of the Year Sergeant Marcus Young Recalls Terrifying Incident and Heroics of Other Officers

Sergeant Marcus Young, Ukiah Police Department, CA

When the Ukiah Police Department needed an offi­cer to fill a patrol shift va­cancy on the night of March 7, 2003, Sgt. Marcus Young was happy to volunteer. An administrative sergeant who normally supervised the dispatch center, coordinated training and looked after the schedule, he often worked overtime when an... Read More

Sergeant Vorel Realizes She was Born to do the Job


Sergeant Kim Vorel, Oklahoma City Police Department, OK

If you asked me 13 years ago what career I would have chosen for myself, I would have never in a million years dreamed that I would be a police officer. Even though I grew up in a law enforcement family, I never had aspirations of working in law enforcement. I now know this job was what I was born to... Read More

Keen Decision-Making Ability Saves Lives

Trooper Jay Hemphill, Colorado State Patrol

On July 16, 2007, shortly before 2:00 p.m., Aaron Snyder entered the west door of the Colorado State Capitol Building and headed toward the temporary offices of Governor Bill Ritter, Jr. Trooper Hemphill was assigned to the Governor’s Protection Detail with the Executive Security Unit, and on duty at the time, intercep... Read More

Composure Under Fire Stops Felons

Investigator Alan Eberle, Nebraska State Patrol

On February 24, 2003, State Patrol officers in Omaha arrested two suspects transporting cocaine to Saginaw, MI.  Investigator Eberle flew to Saginaw for controlled delivery of the cocaine, in cooperation with Michigan and federal agents, resulting in a third arrest. Eberle and agents from the DEA and the MI Drug Ta... Read More

Making an Impact on His Community Through Detective Work

Detective William Galloway, Criminal Investigation Unit, Gaston County Police Department, NC

Law enforcement was not my first career choice. I didn’t consider law enforcement as a career until I was about 27 years old.  Before I became a police officer, I worked in the transportation business, as an insurance claims examiner, and as a United States postal... Read More

Inspired by Police Officers Who Made a Difference in His Childhood

Officer Rodney Whiles, McMinnville Police Department, TN

When I was about six years old, there was a problem at my home, and the police were called.   When the two officers came in my house, I was afraid of them and what might happen. Apparently, the two officers knew my parents, so they came in and sat on the couch. One of the officers picked up the remote contr... Read More

Loves Making His Town a Safer Place

Officer Rusty Jacksland, Prattville Police Department, AL

The reason I became a police officer is similar to a lot of other officers’ reasons. I wanted to make the town that I live in a safer and better place to live and work.  I wanted to serve as an officer in my own hometown, the town where I grew up. I had the opportunity to become a rookie officer in 2001 w... Read More

Single Mom and Former Waitress Teaches Children About Police Work Through Role Play

Officer Polly Speed, School Resource Officer, Horn Lake Police Department, MS

Being a single mom, working as a cocktail waitress was one way to make ends meet. While it was hard work, it gave me the opportunity to learn about people. It also made me realize that I had other talents that I never explored. Being a waitress ultimately opened the door to a law enfor... Read More

Family Man and Military Vet Finds Law Enforcement Better Match Than Desk Job

Officer Nicholas Thompson, Troutdale Police Department, OR

I joined the military right out of high school and spent three years on active duty.  I loved the military but wanted to go to school and get a degree. I also wanted to get married and have a family, but I knew the military is not very conducive for a strong family life. So I joined the National Guard, w... Read More

Rising Above His Circumstances, Representing the Dream

Officer Nick Glenn, School Resource Officer, Martin Police Department, TN

Growing up in a major city, the image of Officer Friendly seemed to be nothing more than a tall tale in my neighborhood. More familiar was the image of my neighborhood friends getting into trouble and having their names entered into the “system.”  Although I developed into a talented athle... Read More

Personal Banker Inspired to Join Force After Investigating Identity Theft

Officer Matt Neihart, Vail Police Department, CO

I have been a peace officer with the Town of Vail since December of 2004. I first became interested in working as a police officer while working as a personal banker for Wells Fargo.  I assisted numerous customers who were victims of identity theft, which peaked my interest in law enforcement, and especially in inv... Read More

Son of Police Officer/Arson Investigator Likes Coming to Work Every Day

Detective Michael Luster, Bomb and Arson Section, Kansas City Police Department, MO

I chose Law Enforcement as a career in 1991. I went through the hiring process as an assignment for a college course, but the further I went in the process the more I wanted the job.  My father is a police officer, and I was brought up in a law enforcement environment. I believe ... Read More

Interaction with Public and Fellow Officers Most Satisfying Part of Law Enforcement

Marci Edwards, Department Affairs and Information, South Ogden Department of Public Safety, UT

I have been employed with the South Ogden Department of Public Safety for five years. While working in my department as a civilian in records, the Director of Public Safety gave me the opportunity to attend the police academy and become a sworn officer.  I applied to t... Read More

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