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Always Wanted to be a Police Officer, Likes Making a Difference

Officer Foster Miles, Patrol Division, Ashland Police Department, Ashland, VA

I knew from a very young age that police work would be the career that I wanted to pursue. I wanted a career where I was not behind a desk; a career where I would be on the front lines and where I would make a difference, hopefully for the better, with each person I encounter. I knew I wanted a career that would be an adventure. Having been in law enforcement for over ten years, I still feel as passionate about it as the first day I was sworn in as a police officer. At times, the job can be stressful. It can, at times, cause a strain on your health and family. It is not a career that is meant for everyone. It’s a career that is meant for those who are truly passionate about police work and not for personal or financial gain, or because you think wearing a uniform is “cool.” I feel it is a great honor to be employed in an occupation as rewarding as local law enforcement. I enjoy the fact that each day everything will be different, and no two days will be alike.

Learn more about Ashland Police Department at: http://www.ashlandpolice.us/

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