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Family Tradition and Joy for Helping Others

Corporal Marie Kemp, Supervisor, Midnight Shift Patrol, Ashland Police Department, Ashland, VA

I have always wanted to be a police officer. I enjoy police work because it is a joy to help other people and try to make their lives better in simple ways that people take for granted. Also, it is guaranteed that each day you come to work will be different from the last. I knew from early childhood that I wanted to be a police officer. I was always comforted by being around people in uniform because of my family’s military history. I joined the Army directly out of high school to continue the family tradition and to gain knowledge and experience that would help me to mature and prepare me for life in ways nothing else could. I graduated from college with a degree in Criminal Justice and then achieved my goal and dream of being a police officer. Police work is challenging but also gratifying, and I am glad I chose law enforcement as my career. After only five years, I can honestly say there is nothing I would rather do.

Learn more about Ashland Police Department at: http://www.ashlandpolice.us/default.aspx

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