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Trial and Error Process Leads Political Science Major to Find Love For Police Work

Officer Stuart McCullough, Patrol Division, Ashland Police Department, Ashland, VA

I started college in August of 2001 as an undecided candidate. It took two years for me to decide on a major, and after testing the waters in every department, I realized criminal justice was the most interesting to me.

I graduated from Christopher Newport University in 2005 with a degree in Political Science with a concentration on criminal justice. I had no idea where to start in reference to a career, so I jumped from construction job to construction job until I found a job with Virginia Department of Corrections. I was with the DOC for about a year and the job just did not feel right--I did not feel like I was living up to my fullest potential.

My wife kept encouraging me to apply with her hometown police department, and I finally did. I really did not know what to expect at first, but after attending the academy I realized police work was for me. I have been a police officer with the Ashland Police Department since May 2008. I enjoy the friendships with my coworkers and the honor that the work entails.

Being new to police work, I do not have many heroic stories to share. However, I recently made two large arrests for distribution of controlled substances. The feeling of accomplishment and knowing that I made a difference in the community was amazing. Police work has instilled a sense of self confidence that I never had before. I enjoy every day of the job, and enjoy being able to help others in need.

Learn more about Ashland Police Department at: http://www.ashlandpolice.us/default.aspx

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