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#WhyIWearTheBadge: Sergeant Khalil Abdallah El-Halabi

Sergeant Khalil Abdallah El-Halabi, Woodway, Texas, Department of Public Safety

“Son… serve these people with everything you have.” I can still remember those words being whispered to me in Arabic by my father on the night of my Police Academy graduation. Why I wear the badge requires a multifaceted answer, an answer that stimulates a rush of emotions that are incredibly d... Read More

#WhyIWearTheBadge: Deputy Dee Patterson

Deputy Dee Patterson, School Resource Officer, Jefferson County, Colorado, Sheriff’s Office

I’ve thought about this all week, trying to come up with something cool or profound. And then today, after a long, frustrating day, it hit me. I wear the badge for them. For all the kids, and the staff, and the community I serve. On days like today, I don’t like it much. In fact, s... Read More

Law Enforcement Exploring Alumni Success Story: Lt Jeffrey Postell

Jeffrey Postell, Lieutenant, Bureau of Patrol Services, Boston College (MA) Police Department, Chestnut Hill, MA

  I have many times said in my life, that being a police officer was a calling for me, very similar to that of a minister. I often joked that my first words were something relating to police work, because I have never wanted to do anything other than be a police ... Read More

Law Enforcement Exploring Alumni Success Story: Major K.C. Carr

Major “K.C.” Carr, Police Commander, Operational Support Bureau, Chesterfield County Police Department, Virginia

This year will mark my 26th year as a police officer, but my career path in law enforcement actually began six years earlier. Thirty-two years ago, I took my first ride-along as a Police Explorer and the course of my life was set. At 15 years of age, I... Read More

Officer Inspired by Elementary School DARE Experience to Make a Difference for the Next Generation

Nathaniel Harris, Second Precinct Officer, Richmond Police Department, Richmond, Virginia

Growing up in East Richmond, Second Precinct Officer Nathaniel Harris was told to stay away from police officers. But as he got older, he ignored that advice, became more curious and followed in the footsteps of his role model grandfather and became a Sheriff’s Deputy, first for Rich... Read More

Former Jailer Finds Job Satisfaction and Opportunity for Advancement in Police Service

Lance Walpole, K9 Officer, San Antonio Police Department, San Antonio, Texas

Before joining the SAPD I was a jailer at a local county jail. While I am grateful for the experience I gained at that position, there was little room for advancement, and I could not provide for my family the way I wanted to.

I knew several people who served with the SAPD for many years and ... Read More

Dispatcher's Son Lives SWAT Team Dream

Matt Parkinson, SWAT Team, San Antonio Police Department, San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Police Officer Matt Parkinson Without a doubt, SWAT is the number one thing about the SAPD. It is the place to be. SWAT officers test their body and mind like no other job in this department. Not only do you have to be in top shape, but you must be able to think quickly on your feet, shoot firearms at a high level of profi... Read More

From Chief's Secretary to Traffic Patrol Officer

Officer Rosemary Caudillo, Traffic, San Antonio Police Department, San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Police Officer Rosemary Caudillo I first joined the SAPD as a civilian employee working as a secretary and an administrative assistant in the chief’s office. During those three months I watched the cadets going through their daily challenges. I knew in my heart that I had finally found a career that was not only chal... Read More

Former Accounting Major and Mother of Two Enjoys Evidence Investigation and Helping New Officers

Sergeant Sue Fox, Patrol Division, Rapid City Police Department, SD

Even after 30 years with the Rapid City Police Department, people still amaze me – in both good and bad ways. A lot of days are fun and entertaining; you never know what you’re going to run into.

While growing up near a small farm town in South Dakota, a career in law enforcement wasn’t even on ... Read More

Former College Football Coach Builds Community Partnerships Between Homeless and Community, Improves Public Safety

Rapid City Police Officer Soucy Officer Darren Soucy, Street Crimes Unit, Rapid City Police Department, South Dakota

I have been fortunate to have two great careers, but so far, law enforcement has been the most fun. Growing up, I wanted to be a police officer, but I took a different path in college and became a college football coach. I enjoyed the work and the game, but after 14 years on the sideli... Read More

Proud To Be A Role Model For Children

Officer Jaime Guess, Patrol Division, Golden Police Department, Golden, Colorado

Looking back on my career there is one moment which stands out that I will never forget! At times I have reflected back on this moment to remind myself of why I chose this career path.

One August night during a community oriented function called “National Night Out” I was taken by su... Read More

Recalling A Relative’s Cop Shop Talk, Passion for the Job and Criminal Justice Class Solidifies an Interest in Law Enforcement

Corporal Ethan Hicks, Supervisor, Day Shift Patrol, Ashland Police Department, Ashland, VA

I have always admired police work since childhood. Having a relative who was a police officer helped give me an inside look into the profession. When I would hear stories about his day or incidents that he had to deal with, it would always perk my attention. One day I decided to ... Read More

Always Wanted to be a Police Officer, Likes Making a Difference

Officer Foster Miles, Patrol Division, Ashland Police Department, Ashland, VA

I knew from a very young age that police work would be the career that I wanted to pursue. I wanted a career where I was not behind a desk; a career where I would be on the front lines and where I would make a difference, hopefully for the better, with each person I encounter. I knew I wanted... Read More

Family Tradition and Joy for Helping Others

Corporal Marie Kemp, Supervisor, Midnight Shift Patrol, Ashland Police Department, Ashland, VA

I have always wanted to be a police officer. I enjoy police work because it is a joy to help other people and try to make their lives better in simple ways that people take for granted. Also, it is guaranteed that each day you come to work will be different from the last. I k... Read More

Trial and Error Process Leads Political Science Major to Find Love For Police Work

Officer Stuart McCullough, Patrol Division, Ashland Police Department, Ashland, VA

I started college in August of 2001 as an undecided candidate. It took two years for me to decide on a major, and after testing the waters in every department, I realized criminal justice was the most interesting to me.

I graduated from Christopher Newport University in 2005... Read More

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