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Changing Career?

Policeman leaning on squad carIf your current job is not providing the challenge and fulfillment you are looking for, consider a change to law enforcement. Not every police recruit is fresh out of school or in his/her early twenties. Many come to policing after serving in other fields. Some police agencies have maximum age requirements, but others do not, requiring only that applicants be able to fulfill the physical, mental, and other requirements of the job.

Regardless of your previous line of work, real-world experience will serve you well as a police officer. Law enforcement careers offer long-term stability and a sense of real accomplishment that few other careers can deliver.

If you are considering law enforcement but are unsure if it is right for you, consider volunteering with your local police department, serving as a reserve officer, or getting involved in your neighborhood watch group. Many agencies offer citizens’ police academies and citizen ride-a-longs, which can be great ways to gain insight into the department, its functions, and culture.

Policeman talking to children Policewoman working on laptop