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Take a Virtual Ride Along

What is it like to be a community policing officer? Would you be a good fit for the job? Take our virtual ride-along and online self assessment to find out! Learn more >>

Community Policing At Work

Learn what community policing is and how you can increase your skills and abilities in this area. Learn more »

Finding a Policing Career

Explore what it takes to pursue a career in law enforcement and see the many opportunities available. Learn more »

Recruit the Best

Promote the profession of policing and the jobs available at your agency using Discover Policing’s online resources. Learn more »

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Find out how Discover Policing can help you get started with a career in policing. Learn More »


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Discover Policing is a great resource to use in the classroom. Use our site to amplify your lessons and educate students of all ages about the work of police officers, requirements for the job, and career opportunities in the profession.

Download our presentations and classroom activities and adapt for your own purposes.

Career counselors may also find Discover Policing to be a great tool for advising students. Policing is a career for many fields of study.

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